Learning how others have followed Jesus is both interesting and instructive. We hear about the trials and triumphs other Christians have faced over the 2,000 years of people following Jesus. But there’s one other thing—and this is key—in learning about the ways earlier Christians lived in the past we may find some surprising ways which they can guide us in following Jesus in the present.

Below are links to 8 podcast episodes—about 15 minutes each—called “The Change.” They come from a larger podcast series called “History of the Christian Church” by Lance Ralston. Lance is a pastor in California who spent several years making this podcast series. Being a pastor helps him communicate deep things in a practical, relatable way. These are very much a form of storytelling, His-story, if you will.

These 8 episodes are a succinct, punchy overview of the ways in which Jesus’ followers have changed the world in some very remarkable ways. Many of the realities we take for granted in our world were not always present. It was Jesus’ followers who radically followed their Lord and over time made some amazing changes in regards to how women are viewed and treated, slavery abolished, education reforms, and on and on.

***If you enjoy these 8 episodes then feel free to go back to episode 1 and start from there. But, be warned, as much as we appreciate the overall podcast, it gets a little too narrow in topic/focus after the original 150 podcast episodes. We would strongly encourage you not to start with the most recent episodes but to go to the beginning – after listening to these 8 episodes called “The Change.”***


You can also find these episodes on your favorite podcast app by searching for “The History of the Christian Church”. The episodes listed below are episodes 111 through 118.

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