Scripture is a key value for M-Groups, so this unit will be an in-depth study of it. This unit will largely be expository, so you’ll be reading a section of Galatians and figuring out what it says. By the end of the unit you will understand how the letter fits together and what Paul is trying to tell the Galatians, as well as how that relates to us on a college campus with the israel biblical studies. A couple of these weeks may be a little longer with content, but that’s okay.

aul’s letter to the Galatians presents a paradox: How can something so severe
bring so much delight? Here is a letter that attacks and assaults its original
readers—and all of us who attempt to prove our worth to God and others:
“O foolish Galatians!” Paul writes (Gal. 3:1). And yet we have here a letter capable
of bringing inexpressible joy and peace and freedom, as those who truly hear
Paul’s passionate message find themselves basking in the light of the grace of
God found in Christ Jesus.

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Galatians sounds a clear call to the doctrine of justification by faith alone. It
teaches that Jesus, and only Jesus, provides the way for us to be accepted by God
and fully a member of his family. We are righteous through his righteousness.
Any addition to Jesus as the basis for our standing before God is ultimately a
deadly subtraction; to say we need more than Jesus to be justified before God
is to lose everything.

Beyond proclaiming to us the way we become members of God’s family,
Galatians also provides guidance for how we can experience the ongoing
freedom of being his children, the freedom that Christ has won for us. Even
as Christianity must begin by faith in Jesus, so also must it continue in the
same manner. Avoiding the dangers of slavery to either religion or irreligion,
a Spirit-led trust in Jesus enables the believer to discover the joyful freedom of
serving others in love.


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Learning to read Scripture is a wonderful way to use time otherwise spent on accountability.

  • Galatians 1 & 2
  • Galatians 3
  • Galatians 4
  • Galatians 5
  • Galatians 6


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