We know lots of people wonder lots about lots of things. But especially big things. Check out these articles and videos that answer some of life’s toughest questions. These resources come from a variety of Christian scholars, but they do not necessarily reflect the views of the CSF ministry.


Science and Faith

“God Is Not Threatened by Our Scientific Adventures”

By: Francis Collins

“God vs. Science”

Interview by TIME with Francis Collins and Richard Dawkins

“Lupinity, Felinity, and the Limits of Method”

By: David Bentley Hart

Remarks on Science and Faith (VIDEO)

By: John Polkinghorne

“Evolution” (VIDEO)

By: N. T. Wright

“Reading Genesis 1 in Context” (VIDEO)

By: Sandra Richter

“The Language of God” (VIDEO)

By: Francis Collins

“The New Atheists and an Ugly God” (VIDEO)

By: David Bentley Hart

“Philosophy, Science, and the God Debate” (VIDEO)

By: Alister McGrath, Keith Ward, and John Lennox

“Science and Religion in the 21st Century” (VIDEO)

By: Alvin Plantinga, William Lane Craig, J. Kennedy, and D. Thrower

Naturalism and Explanatory Power

“Is, Ought, and Nature’s Laws”

By: David Bentley Hart

“The Desirist’s Unsatisfiable Desires”

By: David Bentley Hart

“Mysteries of Consciousness”

By: David Bentley Hart

“Believe it or Not” (On the New Atheism)

By: David Bentley Hart

“A Response to the New Atheism” (VIDEO)

By: Ravi Zacharias

“What is the Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism?” (VIDEO)

By: Alvin Plantinga

Recommended Books

Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis – In his masterpiece, C. S. Lewis gives us a comprehensive argument for God, specifically the God of Christianity, and then outlines what it means to live as a Christian.

Problem of Pain, C. S. Lewis – In this apologetics work, Lewis looks at the “problem of pain” (or “problem of evil”) and gives a Christian response.

Miracles, C. S. Lewis – Though one of his more difficult works to read, Miracles is rich with philosophy and gives a foundational defense for miracles.

Exposing Christian Myths, Jeffrey Burton Russell – Russell interacts with 145 “viral myths” that are common arguments against Christianity. This is a great resource for beginners in apologetics.

Evidence for God, Mike Licona and William Dembski – You’ll find an array of theologians and apologists giving you 50 solid arguments for the existence of God.

Natural Signs and Knowledge of God, C. Stephen Evans – Evans adapts philosopher Thomas Reid’s concept of “sign” for application to natural theology, discussing three classical, significant theistic arguments: the cosmological argument, the teleological argument, and the moral argument.

A Reasonable Response, William Lane Craig – Craig, one of the top apologists in the world, tackles some of the difficult questions in faith, philosophy, and history.

There is a God, Anthony Flew – Flew was one of the world’s most notorious atheists for most of his life. His career was to attack the idea of God and he debated many believers in the process. But just years before he died, he “followed the evidence where it led” and came to believe in God.

The Resurrection of Jesus, Mike Licona – This is one of the premiere works on defending the resurrection of Jesus.

Case for Christ, Lee Strobel – Great for beginners, Case for Christ follows a journalist’s journey from atheism to faith.

Reason for God, Tim Keller – Pastoring a church in New York City, Keller has faced a very skeptical culture. He responds to the questions of many skeptics in this book.


Recommended Debates

“Does God Exist?”

William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens

“Has Science Buried God?”

John Lennox vs. Richard Dawkins

“The God Debate”

Dinesh D’ Souza vs. Christopher Hitchens

“The God Debate II” (On Morality)

William Lane Craig vs. Sam Harris

“Does God Exist?”

William Lane Craig vs. Peter Millican

“Is the Original New Testament Lost?”

Bart Ehrman vs. Daniel Wallace

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