On this page you will find individual response videos to every single one of the Dirty Laundry stories submitted on Thursday night. If you don’t see yours on the list yet, don’t worry! It takes us a little while to film and get all of the videos uploaded.

Whether you were with us on Thursday night or not, we hope that your Dirty Laundry experience doesn’t end here. Dirty Laundry is about more than just a few encouraging words. It’s about the beginning of a real cure to the deepest hurts in our lives. No matter what you’ve been through or what you struggle with, you are not alone in your dirty laundry. Listed next to each and every response video is the contact info for the person in the video. We would absolutely love to be in touch with you as we continue to seek out hope in the midst of this fallen-down world.

FORMAT: ID Number – Dirty Laundry Topic(s) – Name & Email of Responder



0028 – Alcohol, Depression; Keith, [email protected]
0032 – Identity, Lying; Matt, [email protected]
0102 – Sexual, Self Hate, Promiscuity; Jamika, [email protected]
0103 – Suicide, Guilt, Loneliness; Nicolas, [email protected]
0111 – Apathy, Insecurity; Bethany, [email protected]
0125 – Grades, Perfection, Loneliness; Blake, [email protected]
0134 – Acceptance, Approval; Lauren, [email protected]
0186 – Rejection, Fear, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
0194 – Porn; Curt, [email protected]
0205 – Depression, Sexuality, Porn; Derek, [email protected]
0209 – Pornography; Michael, [email protected]
0214 – Identity, Forgiveness; Storey, [email protected]
0215 – Promiscuity; Sam, [email protected]
0216 – Rejection, Breakup, Family; Jamika, [email protected]
0219 – Parents’ Separation, Physical/Emotional Abuse; Devon, [email protected]
0219 – Identity, Image; Zach, [email protected]
0275 – Identity, Depression; Kat, [email protected]
0295 – Depression, Self Harm, Trust Issue; Kat, [email protected]
0310 – Perfection, Identity, Porn; Sam, [email protected]
0314 – Body Image, Eating Disorder; Devon, [email protected]
0319 – Left Blank; Michael, [email protected]
0323 – Spiritual Identity, Doubt; Kyle, [email protected]
0327 – Needing Approval, Self Harm, Depression; Kat, [email protected]
0357 – Loneliness, Self Worth; Bethany, [email protected]
0369 – Worldly Things; Evan, [email protected]
0402 – Family Struggles, Intimacy with Family; Brendan, [email protected]
0412 – Abuse; Maddie, [email protected]
0421 – College; Jamika, [email protected]
0426 – Rejection, Pride, Promiscuity; Leeza, [email protected]
0426 – Rejection, Breakup, Identity, Alcohol, Body Image; Grace Ann, [email protected]
0413 – Porn; Michael, [email protected]
0431 – Rejection, Breakup; Ally, [email protected]
0448 – Loving Parents; Matt, [email protected]
0477 – Alcohol, Promiscuity; Grace Ann, [email protected]
0508 – Sexual; Maddie, [email protected]
0509 – Bullying, Suicide, Emotional and Sexual Abuse, Seeking Guys for Love; Tater, [email protected]
0517 – Anxiety, Perfectionism, Eating Disorder; Bethany, [email protected]
0520 – Eating Disorder, Anorexia, Complacency; Melody, [email protected]
0521 – Perfection; Sean, [email protected]
0522 – Body Image, Self Worth; Matt, [email protected]
0522 – Depression, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
0528 – Perfectionism, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
0529 – Grades, Perfection, Identity; Ally, [email protected]
0530 – Divorce, Anger, Depression; Keith, [email protected]
0534 – Porn, Lust, Grades, Family Brokenness; Tater, [email protected]
0541 – Grades, Pleasing Others; Sam, [email protected]
0548 – Depression, Self Harm; Keith, [email protected]
0554 – Dependent on Others; Kat, [email protected]
0602 – Self Worth, Not Feeling Good Enough; Bethany, [email protected]
0607 – Rejection, Breakup, Trust; Kat, [email protected]
0610 – Porn, Objectified, Body Image, Loneliness; Tater, [email protected]
0617 – Sexuality, Sex, Attraction; Tater, [email protected]
0618 – Gossip, Alcohol, Promiscuity; Grace Ann, [email protected]
0618 – Self Esteem, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
0619 – Identity, Drugs, Porn; Blake, [email protected]
0623 – Identity, Perfection, Body Image; Ally, [email protected]
0628 – Worry; Kat, [email protected]
0629 – Suicide; Lauren, [email protected]
0629 – Identity, Burden; Ryan, [email protected]
0682 – Relationships; Jackie, [email protected]
0698 – Community, Identity; Evan, [email protected]
0710 – Relationship, Doubt; Matt, [email protected]
0715 – Anxiety, Believing Lies; Sean, [email protected]
0717 – Identity, Marriage as an Idol; Devon, [email protected]
0730 – Hypocrisy, Identity, Real Faith; Matt, [email protected]
0731 – Desire, Doubt; Michael, [email protected]
0737 – Too Much; Keith, [email protected]
0781 – Identity; Melody, [email protected]
0793 – Self Worth, People Pleasing; Matt, [email protected]
0805 – Loss; Ally, [email protected]
0808 – Partying, Girls, Redemption; Allen, [email protected]
0811 – Self Esteem; Zach, [email protected]
0813 – Sexuality, Depression, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
0821 – Hatred, Forgiveness; Lauren, [email protected]
0828 – Identity, Body Image, Eating Disorder, Not Hearing God; Devon, [email protected]
0829 – Atheism, Doubt; Evan, [email protected]
0837 – Depression, Masturbation; Ally, [email protected]
0852 – Doubt, Identity; Kyleigh, [email protected]
0862 – Identity, Alcohol, Drugs; Blake, [email protected]
0880 – Anxiety, Depression; Rebecca, [email protected]
0904 – Identity, Restoration; Storey, [email protected]
0905 – Sports, Grades; Evan, [email protected]
0913 – Alcohol, Fear of Future; Grace Ann, [email protected]
0924 – Anxiety, Depression, Body Image, Self Worth, Questions; Bethany, [email protected]
0925 – Identity, Acceptance, Drugs; Evan, [email protected]
0973 – Self Worth, Sexual Abuse, Body Image, Insecurity; Bethany, [email protected]


1002 – Stress, Pressure, Alcohol; CJ, [email protected]
1003 – Divorce, Identity, Alcohol, Promiscuity; Matt, [email protected]
1003 – Pleasing Others, Identity; Brittany, [email protected]
1007 – Sex, Alcohol; Rick, [email protected]
1008 – Identity; Ellen, [email protected]
1008 – Not Seeking God; Ryan, [email protected]
1008 – Identity; Brodie, [email protected]
1012 – Identity, Alcohol, Drugs, Suicide, Self Harm, Anger, Doubt, Porn; Sam, [email protected]
1013 – Pride, Acceptance; Lauren, [email protected]
1014 – Lack of Love, Porn; Evan, [email protected]
1022 – Alcohol; Lauren, [email protected]
1026 – Masturbation, Trust; Kyleigh, [email protected]
1027 – Frustrated with God, Feeling Mundane; Michael, [email protected]
1027 – Relationships; Storey, [email protected]
1028 – Promiscuity; Kat, [email protected]
1029 – Identity, Perfectionism, Promiscuity; Grace Ann, [email protected]
1036 – Suicide, Identity, Grades, Body Image; Melody, [email protected]
1038 – Commitment, Porn, Faithfulness; Rick, [email protected]
1072 – Drinking, Sex, Loneliness; Lauren, [email protected]
1080 – Body Image, Self Perfection, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
1103 – Friendship, Vulnerability; Bethany, [email protected]
1103 – Dating, Sex Temptation; Melody, [email protected]
1103 – Relationships; Kyleigh, [email protected]
1107 – Pride, Grades, Pornography, Masturbation; Matt, [email protected]
1111 – Fleshly Desires; Tater, [email protected]
1118 – Doubt; Leeza, [email protected]
1123 – Poverty; Curt, [email protected]
1124 – Push People Away, Depression; Michael, [email protected]
1138 – Doubt, Pornography; Allen, [email protected]
1159 – Decisions, Guidance; Storey, [email protected]
1169 – Identity, Wanting to Find a Man, Partying; Tater, [email protected]
1180 – Porn; Evan, [email protected]
1196 – Self Perception, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
1202 – Rejection, Breakup, Identity; Ally, [email protected]
1203 – Self Worth, Relationships; Bethany, [email protected]
1206 – Acceptance, Scared of Sharing Faith; Brittany, [email protected]
1212 – Drinking, Sex, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
1214 – Sexual Impurity, Anger, Greed, Pride; Tater, [email protected]
1221 – Divorce, Emotional Abuse; Rick, [email protected]
1234 – Church; Kyleigh, [email protected]
1234 – Drugs, Sex, Death, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
1270 – Grades, Future, Being a Lukewarm Christian; Brittany, [email protected]
1280 – Gossip; Kyleigh, [email protected]
1283 – Sex with Boyfriend, Redemption; Jackie, [email protected]
1294 – Identity, Insecurity, Comparison; Rebecca, [email protected]
1294 – Alcohol, Sexual Impurity; Zach, [email protected]
1295 – Alcohol, Insecurity; Sam, [email protected]
1301 – Identity, Pride; Maddie, [email protected]
1309 – Sexual; Maddie, [email protected]
1310 – Doubts, Anxiety, Anorexia; CJ, [email protected]
1314 – Sex, Suicide; Keith, [email protected]
1325 – Family Hurt; Storey, [email protected]
1334 – Pornography; Kyleigh, [email protected]
1389 – Identity, Promiscuity; Grace Ann, [email protected]
1393 – Relationships, Drinking; Jackie, [email protected]
1396 – Self Worth, Body Image, Emotional Abuse, Loneliness; Bethany, [email protected]
1397 – Identity; Storey, [email protected]
1400 – Comparison; Storey, [email protected]
1412 – Identity, Body Image; Kat, [email protected]
1416 – Mistreating Women, Depression, Drugs, Alcohol, Anxiety; Tater, [email protected]
1417 – Sexual Sin; Jamika, [email protected]
1418 – Pride; Brodie, [email protected]
1427 – Depression, Not Feeling Good Enough; Sean, [email protected]
1430 – Alcohol, Drugs; Jamika, [email protected]
1430 – Drugs, Family Dissappointment; CJ, [email protected]
1449 – Drugs, Addiction; Tater, [email protected]
1452 – Self Worth, Questioning God’s Love; Bethany, [email protected]
1455 – Divorce; Brodie, [email protected]
1459 – Community, Alcohol, Promiscuity; Brittany, [email protected]
1463 – Not Hearing From God; Sam, [email protected]
1466 – Identity, Porn; Blake, [email protected]
1468 – Porn, Promiscuity; Blake, [email protected]
1474 – Sexual Impurity; Kyleigh, [email protected]
1492 – Grades; Ally, [email protected]
1495 – Doubt, Relationship with God, Finding Faith; CJ, [email protected]
1502 – Drinking, Being Judgmental; Zach, [email protected]
1502 – Fear, Being Alone; Lauren, [email protected]
1506 – Pornography, Alcohol, Women, Profanity; Allen, [email protected]
1507 – Redeemed After Depression, Addiction; Michael, [email protected]
1515 – Divorce, Feeling Abandoned; Devon, [email protected]
1515 – Family, Anger; Brodie, [email protected]
1518 – Sexual Desires, Relationships; Jackie, [email protected]
1531 – Relationships, Identity; Jackie, [email protected]
1579 – Career, Earthly Things; Allen, [email protected]
1633 – Loneliness; Bethany, [email protected]
1667 – Prayer; Maddie, [email protected]
1689 – Porn, Sex; Rick, [email protected]
1711 – Worry, Perfectionist, People Pleaser; Keith, [email protected]
1775 – Loneliness, Porn; Curt, [email protected]
1798 – Porn, Redemption; Will, [email protected]
1799 – Alcohol, Self Doubt, Promiscuity; Matt, [email protected]
1800 – Porn, Suicide; Caleb, [email protected]
1818 – Identity; Maddie, [email protected]
1822 – Lust; Michael, [email protected]
1823 – Sexual Sin, Promiscuity; Jamika, [email protected]
1862 – Identity, Freedom; Allen, [email protected]
1865 – Relationship Advice; Maddie, [email protected]
1869 – Identity, Selfishness; Ally, [email protected]
1871 – Sexual Impurity; Jamika, [email protected]
1886 – Lying, Lust; Brodie, [email protected]
1888 – Family, Alcohol; Kyleigh, [email protected]
1905 – Apathy, Depression, Anxiety, Porn, Suicide, Drinking, Hopelessness; Tater, [email protected]
1924 – Gluttony; Lauren, [email protected]
1927 – Porn; Sam, [email protected]
1929 – Death of Family Member, Self Doubt; Storey, [email protected]
1942 – Can’t be Used by God, Weakness, Unequipped; CJ, [email protected]
1957 – Self Worth, Doubting God’s Love; Bethany, [email protected]
1961 – Doubt, Religion; Brian, [email protected]
1963 – Divorce, Rejection; Ryan, [email protected]
1966 – Identity; Kat, [email protected]
1974 – Body Image; Emily, [email protected]
1995 – Identity; Melody, [email protected]
1995 – Porn, Academics; Rick, [email protected]
1997 – Porn; Brian, [email protected]


2006 – Hopelessness; Sean, [email protected]
2008 – Self Harm, Identity; Melody, [email protected]
2010 – Body Image, Identity; Brodie, [email protected]
2013 – Body Image, Vanity; Brittany, [email protected]
2021 – Insecurity, Identity, Grades; Ally, [email protected]
2023 – Divorce, Physical, Emotional Abuse; Brian, [email protected]
2028 – Doubt; Brian, [email protected]
2069 – Rejection, Breakup, Identity; Maddie, [email protected]
2103 – Porn, Promiscuity, Cussing; Blake, [email protected]
2112 – Alcohol Abuse, Anger, Voids; Storey, [email protected]
2123 – Masturbation, Lust, Gossip; Caleb, [email protected]
2128 – Emotional Abuse, Forgiveness; Caleb, [email protected]
2142 – Relationship with God; Maddie, [email protected]
2155 – Alcohol; Allen, [email protected]
2162 – Identity; Michael, [email protected]
2201 – Drugs, Lying, Promiscuity; Sam, [email protected]
2205 – Death of Family Member; Storey, [email protected]
2208 – Porn, Sex, Masturbation; Rick, [email protected]
2215 – Pride, Denial, Porn, Lust; Blake, [email protected]
2222 – Acceptance; Lauren, [email protected]
2233 – Apathy, Promiscuity, Porn, Masturbation; Tater, [email protected]
2233 – Anxiety, Guilt, Self Hate; Devon, [email protected]
2234 – Identity, Drugs, Promiscuity; Brittany, [email protected]
2262 – Sexuality, Drugs; Kyle, [email protected]
2273 – Self Image; Caleb, [email protected]
2294 – Body Image, Self Harm, Depression; Tater, [email protected]
2294 – Identity; Caleb, [email protected]
2309 – Social Drinking, Fitting In, Identity, Family Witness; Tater, [email protected]
2312 – Identity; Maddie, [email protected]
2315 – Doubt, Porn; Michael, [email protected]
2319 – Porn; Blake, [email protected]
2323 – Pride, Hypocrisy; Ryan, [email protected]
2355 – Pride, Envy, Porn, Lust; Curt, [email protected]
2371 – Alcohol; Grace Ann, [email protected]
2375 – Anxiety, Divorce; Sean, [email protected]
2376 – Past Struggle; Storey, [email protected]
2393 – Doubt, Pain, Depression; Michael, [email protected]
2400 – Identity, Acceptance; Jamika, [email protected]
2408 – Rejection, Breakup, Identity; Ally, [email protected]
2453 – Porn; Evan, [email protected]
2456 – Abuse, Identity, Hidden Struggles, Loneliness; Maddie, [email protected]
2468 – Drinking, Sexual Impurity, Identity; Kyleigh, [email protected]
2468 – Identity, Alcohol, Attention from Opposite Sex; Allen, [email protected]
2494 – Loving Others, Loving Self, Sexual Desires, Lust; Tater, [email protected]
2494 – Porn, Purpose, Death; Zach, [email protected]
2511 – Porn, Masturbation, Internet Porn; Curt, [email protected]
2539 – Divorce, Identity, Alcohol, Promiscuity; Ally, [email protected]
2571 – Rejection, Feel Used; Rebecca, [email protected]
2606 – Identity, Comparison; Lauren, [email protected]
2610 – Codependency, Loneliness, Porn; Devon, [email protected]
2610 – Identity; Ally, [email protected]
2689 – Sexual Sin Struggle; Daniel, [email protected]
2737 – Doubt, Unloved; Jamika, [email protected]
2717 – Lust; Evan, [email protected]
2844 – Depression, Doubt; Rebecca, [email protected]
2850 – Identity; Sam, [email protected]
2866 – Abuse, Alcohol, Drugs, Promiscuity; Matt, [email protected]
2890 – Fear, God’s Will; Bethany, [email protected]
2891 – Depression, Guilt, Masturbation, Redeemed; Michael, [email protected]
2961 – Pornography, Insecurity; Lauren, [email protected]


3004 – Truth, Alcohol; Allen, [email protected]
3021 – Alcohol, Hipocrisy; Blake, [email protected]
3035 – Identity, Doubt; Emily, [email protected]
3112 – Sexuality, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
3121 – Rejection, Breakup, Identity; Jamika, [email protected]
3131 – Hate, Alcohol, Drugs, Porn; Keith, [email protected]
3144 – Promiscuity, Porn, Masturbation; Jamika, [email protected]
3152 – Self Worth, Self Destructive, Eating Disorder, Worthy of Love; Tater, [email protected]
3176 – Eating Disorder; Melody, [email protected]
3178 – Doubt, Identity; Evan, [email protected]
3218 – Identity, Promiscuity; Brittany, [email protected]
3224 – Friendships, Relationships; Brittany, [email protected]
3227 – Loneliness, Masturbation; Maddie, [email protected]
3256 – Self Harm, Identity; Brittany, [email protected]
3262 – Worry, Trusting; Sean, [email protected]
3267 – School Struggles; Daniel, [email protected]
3288 – Busyness, Porn, Forgiveness; Evan, [email protected]
3291 – Pulling Out Hair, Emotions; Leeza, [email protected]
3307 – Parent Forgiveness; Devon, [email protected]
3312 – Sexual Impurity, Pride; Kyleigh, [email protected]
3316 – Sexual Abuse, Depression, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
3386 – Relationships, Body Image, Insecurity; Emily, [email protected]
3418 – Relationship with Mom, Addiction; Rick, [email protected]
3442 – Promiscuity; Ally, [email protected]
3495 – Depression; Emily, [email protected]
3513 – Family; Brodie, [email protected]
3525 – Shock at Others Dirty Laundry, Not Having a Good Story; Michael, [email protected]
3526 – Sexuality; Kyle, [email protected]
3535 – Alcohol, Judgement, Promiscuity; Matt, [email protected]
3559 – Lies; Storey, [email protected]
3560 – Sin, Temptation; Brian, [email protected]
3563 – Alcohol; Grace Ann, [email protected]
3568 – Depression, Identity; Michael, [email protected]
3577 – Eating Disorder, People Pleasing, Status, Boys; Melody, [email protected]
3594 – Impurity, Bitterness, Self Hate; Jamika, [email protected]
3616 – Profanity, Promiscuity; Grace Ann, [email protected]
3625 – Depression; Ellen, [email protected]
3643 – Relationships; Devon, [email protected]
3654 – Death, Alcohol, Drugs; Keith, [email protected]
3714 – Abortion; Jamika, [email protected]
3714 – Rejection, Breakup, Emotional; Grace Ann, [email protected]
3715 – Identity, Promiscuity; Grace Ann, [email protected]
3718 – Perfection, Identity; Sean, [email protected]
3737 – Alcohol, Promiscuity; Kat, [email protected]
3822 – Eating Disorder, Lonely, Attacks from Enemy; Melody, [email protected]
3825 – Parent Issues; Rebecca, [email protected]
3864 – Pornography, Lust, Relationship; Allen, [email protected]
3907 – Identity, Pride, Apathetic; Maddie, [email protected]
3923 – Identity; Blake, [email protected]
3940 – Pornography; Daniel, [email protected]
3954 – Insecurity, Self Worth, Loneliness; Ellen, [email protected]
3973 – Body Image, Drugs, Depression; Evan, [email protected]


4014 – Lust, Pride, Worry, Guilt; Brendan, [email protected]
4036 – Identity, Alcohol; Blake, [email protected]
4070 – Pride; Blake, [email protected]
4076 – Rejection, Breakup; Grace Ann, [email protected]
4138 – Relationship, Impurity, Pressure; Jamika, [email protected]
4153 – Family; Brittany, [email protected]
4207 – Sin, Redemption; Will, [email protected]
4208 – Identity, Alcohol; Brendan, [email protected]
4210 – Alcohol, Partying; Zach, [email protected]
4333 – Frustration, Anger; Nicolas, [email protected]
4348 – Promiscuity; Ellen, [email protected]
4371 – Depression; Ryan, [email protected]
4424 – Using Boyfriend, Selfishness; CJ, [email protected]
4444 – Sexual Temptation; Zach, [email protected]
4498 – Emotional Abuse, Depression, Suicide; Sean, [email protected]
4563 – Identity, Promiscuity; Grace Ann, [email protected]
4657 – Divorce, Abandonment, Sexual Abuse; Tater, [email protected]
4568 – Relationships and Alcohol; Derek, [email protected]
4679 – Doubt; Evan, [email protected]
4701 – Past; Lauren, [email protected]
4706 – Sexual Sin; Ellen, [email protected]
4711 – Worldly Things, Success; Derek, [email protected]
4727 – Identity; Kat, [email protected]
4737 – Identity, Community, God; Lauren, [email protected]
4747 – Cheating, Alcohol, Drugs, Porn, Hypocrisy, Identity; Keith, [email protected]
4787 – Left Blank; Jamika, [email protected]
4800 – Rejection, Emotional, Depression; Ryan, [email protected]
4840 – Emotional Abuse, Drugs, Alcohol; Kyle, [email protected]
4853 – Abortion, Sexual Promiscuity; Jamika, [email protected]
4942 – Rejection, Breakup; Maddie, [email protected]
4945 – Breakup; Storey, [email protected]


5023 – Identity; Kat, [email protected]
5023 – Identity, Alcohol, Drugs, Porn; Caleb, [email protected]
5066 – Divorce, Financial Stress, Promiscuity; Blake, [email protected]
5117 – Sexual Abuse, Anxiety, Depression; Maddie, [email protected]
5124 – Drugs, Sexual Assault, Self Worth; Bethany, [email protected]
5148 – Fear; Maddie, [email protected]
5151 – Identity; Kat, [email protected]
5164 – Body Image, Promiscuity; Ellen, [email protected]
5182 – Identity, Sexual, Alcohol; Maddie, [email protected]
5188 – Family, Sister; Brittany, [email protected]
5227 – Death, Burdens; Storey, [email protected]
5309 – Pride, Porn; Kyle, [email protected]
5311 – Left Blank; Blake, [email protected]
5391 – Hypocrisy, Promiscuity, Trusting God’s Plan; Allen, [email protected]
5352 – Future Plans, Identity; Allen, [email protected]
5366 – Guilt, Shame, Past; Michael, [email protected]
5394 – Hidden Struggle, Self Harm; Kyleigh, [email protected]
5457 – Death, Self Image; Storey, [email protected]
5462 – Promiscuity, Judgement; Brittany, [email protected]
5527 – Pride, Selfishness; Michael, [email protected]
5528 – Unworthy; Rebecca, [email protected]
5555 – Self Confidence; Caleb, [email protected]
5555 – Loneliness; Sean, [email protected]
5583 – Rejection, Breakup, Identity; Caleb, [email protected]
5683 – Insecurity in Friendship, Grades, Body Image; Rebecca, [email protected]
5683 – Depression; Keith, [email protected]
5694 – Alcohol; Blake, [email protected]
5711 – Apathy, Doubt; Blake, [email protected]
5725 – Identity, Self Worth; Sam, [email protected]
5755 – Suicide, Doubt, Sexual Past; Rick, [email protected]
5776 – School, Grades, Unloved; Allen, [email protected]
5783 – Identity, Anxiety; Kat, [email protected]
5784 – Fear, Porn; Rick, [email protected]
5800 – Dealing with Brother’s Suicidal Thoughts; Devon, [email protected]
5814 – Infatuation, Thoughts; Sam, [email protected]
5957 – Alcohol, Women, Pornography, Faith; Allen, [email protected]


6005 – Alcohol, Drugs, Sexual Impurity; Matt, [email protected]
6032 – Divorce, Sexual Abuse, Loneliness; Bethany, [email protected]
6032 – Divorce, Sexual, Burdens; Matt, [email protected]
6232 – Sexual Abuse; Devon, [email protected]
6254 – Divorce, Promiscuity; Keith, [email protected]
6266 – Porn, Masturbation, Identity; Tater, [email protected]
6293 – Insecurity, Comparison; Lauren, [email protected]
6295 – Fear, Anxiety, Doubt; Rebecca, [email protected]
6304 – Broken Relationship, Perfection; Rebecca, [email protected]
6388 – Death, Anxiety, Worry; Keith, [email protected]
6423 – Divorce, Identity; Devon, [email protected]
6428 – Relationships; Storey, [email protected]
6429 – Divorce, Hurt; Lauren, [email protected]
6430 – Identity; Jamika, [email protected]
6457 – Promiscuity; Kat, [email protected]
6499 – Faith, Lying, Friends, Loneliness; Evan, [email protected]
6516 – Depression, Shame, Self Worth; Tater, [email protected]
6522 – Porn, Father, Alcohol, Drugs; Keith, [email protected]
6576 – Alcohol, Emptiness, Forgiveness; Nicolas, [email protected]
6641 – Divorce, Insecurity, Acceptance; Keith, [email protected]
6697 – Suicide, Death; Nicolas, [email protected]
6767 – Breakup; Storey, [email protected]
6789 – Guilt, Disrespecting Parents; Michael, [email protected]
6881 – Doubt; Sam, [email protected]
6824 – Self Harm, Abuse, Loneliness; Maddie, [email protected]
6893 – Porn, Boundaries, Doubt; Rick, [email protected]
6898 – Anxiety, Depression; Sean, [email protected]
6922 – Divorce, Loneliness, Addiction; Rick, [email protected]
6967 – Self Worth, Living Out Faith; Lauren, [email protected]
6969 – Anger, Addiction; Brendan, [email protected]


7015 – Relationships; Jamika, [email protected]7071 – Self Worth, Loneliness; Bethany, [email protected]
7123 – Doubt; Blake, [email protected]
7218 – Identity; Derek, [email protected]
7226 – Going Through the Motions; Michael, [email protected]
7267 – Codependency, Alcoholic Father; Devon, [email protected]
7278 – Identity, Porn; Evan, [email protected]
7307 – Acceptance, Value; Nicolas, [email protected]
7327 – Apathy; Sean, [email protected]
7339 – Divorce; Emily, [email protected]
7340 – Pleasing People; Storey, [email protected]
7363 – Identity, Promiscuity; Rebecca, [email protected]
7392 – Pornography, Hurt, Drugs, Alcohol; Brendan, [email protected]
7421 – Alcohol, Drugs, Lies, Selfishness, Ungrateful, Impurity; Allen, [email protected]
7428 – Depression; Ryan, [email protected]
7451 – Alcohol, Atheism; Nicolas, [email protected]
7458 – Identity, Doubt; Sean, [email protected]
7481 – Rejection, Breakup; Ally, [email protected]
7527 – Shame, Guilt; Allen, [email protected]
7532 – Divorce, Impurity, Backsliding; Daniel, [email protected]
7579 – Worry, Fear, Not Being Enough; Nicolas, [email protected]
7642 – Comparison, Self Worth; Bethany, [email protected]
7665 – Identity, Ungratefulness; Daniel, [email protected]
7715 – School, Grades, Alcohol, Anxiety; Allen, [email protected]
7724 – Anxiety, Temptation of Flesh; Rebecca, [email protected]
7733 – Judgmental, Losing Friends; Derek, [email protected]
7745 – Identity, Perfection; Allen, [email protected]
7754 – Identity, Verbal Abuse; Kyleigh, [email protected]
7791 – Divorce, Alcohol, Partying, Promiscuity; Qaaim, [email protected]
7810 – Porn, Forgiveness; Devon, [email protected]
7820 – Self Worth, Eating Disorder, Stress; Sean, [email protected]
7927 – Addiction; Caleb, [email protected]
7951 – Straying from God; Sam, [email protected]
7955 – Loneliness, Pride, Doubt; Devon, [email protected]


8008 – Sexual Abuse, Sexuality; Kyle, [email protected]
8060 – Pride and Judgement; Derek, [email protected]
8086 – Doubt, Self Worth; Evan, [email protected]
8110 – Perfectionism; Storey, [email protected]
8131 – Identity, Promiscuity; Melody, [email protected]
8151 – Suicide, Self Harm; Ryan, [email protected]
8160 – Identity, Perfection; Grace Ann, [email protected]
8196 – Death, Emptiness; Keith, [email protected]
8205 – Relationships, Identity; Maddie, [email protected]
8214 – Body Image, Depression; Rebecca, [email protected]
8225 – Rejection, Breakup, Identity, Grades; Rebecca, [email protected]
8250 – Anger; Qaaim, [email protected]
8352 – Body Image, Loneliness; Devon, [email protected]
8428 – Rejection, Breakup; Grace Ann, [email protected]
8493 – Alcohol, Drugs, Body Image, Promiscuity; Jamika, [email protected]
8553 – Rejection, Breakup, Anxiety, OCD; Kat, [email protected]
8555 – Divorced Family, Hope, Peace, Identity; Lauren, [email protected]
8569 – Divorce; Sean, [email protected]
8628 – Alcohol, Promiscuity, Relationships; Matt, [email protected]
8708 – Sexual; Maddie, [email protected]
8712 – Self Worth; Bethany, [email protected]
8727 – Porn, Body Image; Michael, [email protected]
8727 – Identity; Anthony, [email protected]
8756 – Porn, Sexuality; Storey, [email protected]
8759 – Porn, Lust; Brodie, [email protected]
8795 – Anger, Hate, Porn, Masturbation; Tater, [email protected]
8824 – Identity, People Pleasing; Allen, [email protected]
8859 – Identity, Perfection; Kat, [email protected]
8885 – Sexual; Maddie, [email protected]
8888 – Eating Disorder, Loneliness; Devon, [email protected]
8888 – Absence of a Father, Identity; Ally, [email protected]
8888 – Perfection, Insecurity, Not Hearing From God; Brittany, [email protected]
8899 – Boundaries, Porn, Intimacy; Michael, [email protected]
8908 – Alcohol, Distant from God; Derek, [email protected]
8910 – Porn Addiction, Lust; Tater, [email protected]
8911 – Porn, Promiscuity; Blake, [email protected]
8991 – Alcohol, Body Image, Masturbation; Rebecca, [email protected]


9001 – Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Identity; Allen, [email protected]
9050 – Identity, Grades, Perfection, Self Doubt, Intelligence; Sam, [email protected]
9053 – Identity, Missionary Dating; Jamika, [email protected]
9072 – Idolizing Relationships, Identity; Brittany, [email protected]
9083 – Abuse, Family of Addicts, Promiscuity; Devon, [email protected]
9110 – Loneliness, Promiscuity, Porn; Rebecca, [email protected]
9113 – Relationships, Self Worth; Bethany, [email protected]
9181 – Approval; Lauren, [email protected]
9191 – Relationship with Mom, Alcohol, Lust; Rick, [email protected]
9191 – Identity, Self Esteem; Sean, [email protected]
9194 – Sexual, Self Harm, Body Image; Maddie, [email protected]
9207 – Pride, Drugs, Money, Selfishness; Qaaim, [email protected]
9213 – Anxiety, Doubt; Brittany, [email protected]
9243 – Identity, Sexual Sin; Jamika, [email protected]
9252 – Identity, Apathy, No Emotions; Ryan, [email protected]
9273 – Alcohol, Drugs, Addiction; Caleb, [email protected]
9309 – Anger Towards Family; Kat, [email protected]
9312 – Self Esteem, Identity; Sean, [email protected]
9317 – Hearing God, Not Good Enough; Lauren, [email protected]
9351 – Burdensome Relationship, Body Image; Rebecca, [email protected]
9358 – Rejection, Identity, Singleness; Rebecca, [email protected]
9535 – Loneliness; Storey, [email protected]
9554 – Sexual Impurity; Kyleigh, [email protected]
9582 – Divorce, Death of Friend, Promiscuity; Tater, [email protected]
9587 – Identity; Nicolas, [email protected]
9600 – Sexual Abuse, Porn; Kyle, [email protected]
9614 – Self Worth, Identity, Sexual Past; Rick, [email protected]
9615 – Alcohol, Drugs, Doubt; Jamika, [email protected]
9653 – Identity, Relationships; Kyleigh, [email protected]
9669 – Relationships; Storey, [email protected]
9671 – Identity, Eating Disorder; Storey, [email protected]
9732 – Identity, Past Sin, Guilt; Jamika, [email protected]
9756 – Identity, Happiness; Evan, [email protected]
9795 – Alcohol, Drugs, Pornography, Selfishness; Allen, [email protected]
9798 – Rejection, Breakup, Identity; Ally, [email protected]
9819 – Love, Eating Disorder; Lauren, [email protected]
9914 – Sexuality; Kyle, [email protected]
9973 – Divorce, Porn, Identity; Zach, [email protected]
9993 – Pornography; Evan, [email protected]
9998 – Pornography, Anger, Insecurity; Brendan, [email protected]



One of the most crucial ways we experience healing from our hurts and struggles is through simply sharing the issues in our lives with others. We want to give you the opportunity to come alongside some people that might be able to help you get through the rough chapters in your past and overcome the things you’re dealing with right now. If you want to talk with someone, just email Leeza ([email protected]). She’ll get you connected with a CSF staff member who would love to help you through whatever you’re dealing with.



We’ve put together a list of songs that we think express the message of hope and redemption message that Dirty Laundry is all about in a unique way. You can check out the link below to listen!



Listed below are a few quotes that communicate the redemption message of Dirty Laundry.

“The very first tear he made was so deep and i thought it had gone right into my heart. And when he began pulling the skin off, it hurt worse than anything I’ve ever felt. The only thing that made me able to bear it was just the pleasure of feeling the stuff peel off. You know if you’ve ever picked the scab of a sore place. It hurts like billy – oh but it is such fun to see it coming away. “

And there was I as smooth and soft as a peeled switch and small than I had been. Then he caught hold of me – I didn’t like that much for i was very tender underneath now that I’d no skin on – and threw me into the water. It smarted like anything but only for a moment. After that it became perfectly delicious and as soon as i started swimming and splashing i found that all the pain had gone from my arm. And then i saw why. I’d turned into a boy again.”

It would be nice, and fairly nearly true, to say that “from that time forth Eustace was a different boy.” To be strictly accurate, he began to be a different boy. He had relapses. There were still many days when he could be very tiresome. But most of those i shall not notice. The cure had begun.”C. S. LEWIS (VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER)


Made for spirituality, we wallow in introspection. Made for joy, we settle for pleasure. Made for justice, we clamor for vengence. Made for relationship, we insist on our own way. Made for beauty, we are satisfied with sentiment. But new creation has already begun. The sun has begun to rise. Christians are called to leave behind, in the tomb of Jesus, all that belongs to the brokenness and incompleteness of the present world. It is time, in the power of the Spirit, to take up our proper role, our fully human role, as agents, heralds, stewards of the new day that is dawning. That, quite simply, is what it means to be Christian, to follow Jesus Christ into the new world, God’s new world, which he has thrown open before us.N. T. WRIGHT


How often we look upon God as our last and feeblest resource! We go to him because we have nowhere else to go. And then we learn that the storms of life have driven us, not upon the rocks, but into the desired haven.GEORGE MACDONALD


But if you are a poor creature–poisoned by a wretched upbringing in some house full of vulgar jealousies and senseless quarrels–saddled, by no choice of your own, with some loathsome sexual perversion–nagged day in and day out by an inferiority complex that makes you snap at your best friends–do not despair. He knows all about it. You are one of the poor whom He blessed. He knows what a wretched machine you are trying to drive. Keep on. Do what you can. One day (perhaps in another world, but perhaps far sooner than that) He will fling it on the scrap-heap and give you a new one. And then you may astonish us all–not least yourself: for you have learned your driving in a hard school.C. S. LEWIS (MERE CHRISTIANITY)


We are too much haunted by ourselves, projecting the central shadow of self on everything around us. And then comes the Gospel to rescue us from this selfishness. Redemption is this, to forget self in God.FREDERICK W. ROBERTSON


Humans are made to reflect God out into the world—and at the same time, to reflect the rest of the world back to the Creator in worship and praise…Tragically, we humans decided we would prefer to turn it around and reflect the world back to itself and worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator, as Saint Paul puts it. This has caused the image to be fractured and broken, distorting human rule over the world. But the point is that once we listen to those echoes of a voice and once we are renewed and refreshed in listening to the story of Jesus, then we begin to be able to reflect the image once more.N. T. WRIGHT


The loneliest moment in life is when you have just experienced that which you thought would deliver the ultimate, and it has just let you down.RAVI ZACHARIAS


If we consider the unblushing promises of reward and the staggering nature of the rewards promised in the Gospels, it would seem that Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered to us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.C. S. LEWIS (THE WEIGHT OF GLORY)


Let us hear what the Bible says and what we as Christians are called to hear together: By grace you have been saved.KARL BARTH


When I can no more stir my soul to move, and life is but the ashes of a fire; when I can but remember that my heart once used to live and love, long and aspire- O, be thou then the first, the one thou art; be thou the calling, before all answering love, and in me wake hope, fear, boundless desire.GEORGE MACDONALD


Miss the opportunity to submit your Dirty Laundry on Thursday night? We’d love to hear from you and have the opportunity to respond. One of the most important steps in getting beyond your Dirty Laundry is bringing it into the light.
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