Below are just a few true stories of the way your support has helped to bring hope to students on campus in the past few weeks:

Christina was brought to CSF by a friend. She’d never been around church and had negative views about Christians. But she found Jesus and his followers were very different than she’d thought. Just last month she became a follower of Jesus!

Ben will tell you he’s not even sure if he’d be here without CSF. He was struggling deeply with depression and suicidal thoughts. The love and care from God he’s experienced through the CSF community has made a life-saving difference for him.

Julia grew up going to church but her college friends were partiers and so she fell into destructive habits too. At a weekend retreat she stood up in front of hundreds of students and confessed she’d been living a double life of claiming to be a Christian while living recklessly. She asked for accountability and prayer for a fresh start in following Jesus.

Sarah got baptized at CSF this semester. She grew up playing softball her whole life but decided not to play in college. Recently a college coach from another school asked her to consider transferring to come play for them. She felt the tug to go but decided not to leave because God was doing too much in her life here through CSF.

Jarrod was chasing the stereotypical college experience—girls, alcohol, drugs—but it left him feeling empty. He started attending a CSF bible study and God radically changed his life. He recently turned down a post graduation job offer because it would require him to move. Jarrod wants to stay nearby so he can continue growing with the guys in his bible study.

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