Galatians is a short letter but it packs a powerful punch. There’s a lot to digest in these six short chapters. What’s the relationship between law and grace? Who is Abraham and why does he matter for us? Is “Christ” just Jesus’s last name or is there more going on?

But the advantages of studying Scripture together go beyond learning about a particular book of the Bible. We don’t just learn about a particular passage, but how to approach the Bible anytime we read it. Scripture is not only for learning about God. It’s for life formation. In this group, we’ll not only think about Galatians, but how to approach the Scripture anytime we read it.

And in this group, the early bird gets to eat the Bible worms. Starting Febrtuary 2nd, our Galatians Bible study will meet every Wednesday morning at 8am in the Lewis House basement. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive into God’s word while the sun comes up.

If you’re even a little interested, drop your information below and we’ll keep you in touch with the happenings.

Christian Student Fellowship