Don’t spend your spring break sleeping in. Do something awesome with CSF. We’re excited this year to welcome Ignite in Louisville to the party in Laguna Beach, Florida. Meet new people. Do something great.

Our team of intrepid Spring Break imagineers have been hard at work crafting an incredible trip to help make your spring break awesome. Want to know more? Get in touch!


The best week of your entire life is nearly here. Click below to learn a little more about each of these incredible trips. Have questions that aren’t answered here? Call/text us at 859.273.5433 or email us


We’re hyped that you’re interested in the Florida Spring break trip. But first… Click here to get pumped up really quick! Now that you’ve danced a bit, keep reading for info about the best spring break trip in the CSF catalog. It’s literally better than when Lance Armstrong went to the moon!

Let’s answer all of the questions your fun-loving brain can think of and if there are still more questions, feel free to contact any of the CSF staff going on the trip (contact info and bios below). But let’s get one thing clear: This trip is going to be AMAZING and we want YOU to be a part of it with us!

Remember those 15 passenger vans you’d ride in to get to church camp? Or maybe you’ve seen them on the highway and you thought “are those the Duggars from TLC?” Well it’s your turn to ride in style. We’ll be taking over the interstate with our force of vans down to Laguna Beach. The drive is ONLY 10 hours so that means more sleep and beach time. We’ll leave a bit before the sun rises on Saturday morning and get there just when the sun is setting that SAME day!

The cost of this trip to Florida covers the travel there and back, the retreat center we’re staying at, 3 meals a day in Florida (PLUS your beach/midnight snacks), and some sunscreen/aloe for when you fall asleep on the beach. This trip is basically all-inclusive, so it’s even more of an amazing deal! The only things you’ll have to pay for are meals on the way down and up.

We’ll be staying at The Blue Horizon Lodge and Retreat Center that sits right across the street from the beautiful sands of Laguna beach. The Lodge might be a new place for CSF but they’re no stranger to hosting people – they know what is required to have a great time. There is a private pool , full sand volleyball court, and basketball court (perfect place to show off your Tuesday night hoops skills). And since this is promised to be the most relaxing trip of your life – there is a bed for everyone to lay their head down and let your sunburn set in as you sleep.

When we get there, you’ll have to take a second to recover from shock because you’re going to be blown away by how close we are to the beach. Yes, the beach is right across the street. We’ll have some free time once we get there (perfect for claiming the best bunk bed, playing some games, smelling the ocean breeze, that sort of thing).

The first night we’ll get to know each other, talk about how fun this trip will be, and split up into our bible study groups and chat. Then, we’ll rally back up for a potential dance party, and finish off with something you’ll get very used to this week: CHILLIN’. The whole time we’re there you’ll have the entire day to spend leisurely on the beach. Whether you’re a sun seeking tanner, into pool aerobics, or a baller the day is yours to enjoy. There is also a donut and coffee shop less than ½ a mile down the street! And for all you who enjoy the finer things, we will be close enough for a day trip to 30A (Rosemary beach, Seaside, and Clearwater).

At night we’re going to keep with the theme of relaxation and enjoy dinner provided by your staff chefs (You literally just have to show up!) and then we’ll head to the sanctuary for some worship! Some nights we’ll even head out to the beach for worship. Afterward, we’ll split up to hang with our groups. After group time we’ll have a bit more free time before bed so you can play some late night games or take a walk on the beach.

***Questions? Ask ’em! We are so excited you’re interested in joining us on this week in the sun!***

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