January 2022 Leadership Retreat

Final Talk: David Hausknecht, Brian Marshall, Fred Turner

Breakout Session: Evangelism – Mike Donohue

Breakout Session: Healthy Conversations – Fred Turner

Breakout Session: Discerning Truth and Lies – Rick Freeman

Breakout Session: Sabbath and Rest – Rachel Willoughby

Breakout Session: Living Worship – Lydia Slayden

Breakout Session: Hearing the Lord’s Voice – Paige Menefee

2021 Core Group Curriculum
BY FAITH Curriculum



Key Care is caring for people in key situations. We provide intentional support by prayerfully, relationally, and financially caring for students on UK’s campus and people in the community who are experiencing hardships. If you or someone is in need of this resource, email [email protected]


$5 Fast is our way of living out Acts 2:42-47. We want our community to generously love and care for each other. By fasting $5/week we help the community through helping pay bills, rent, or helping people in need. If you’re interested in joining $5 Fast or know someone (a student, a person in the community, or yourself!) that could benefit, go ahead and send Key Care a message! Want to sign up for $5 Fast? Go to


You’re invited to go through a 30 day journey this semester! What is a 30 Day Journey? It’s an opportunity to find out what it means to create space for true intimacy with God in your life! 30 days of prompted quiet times, fasting from social media, hours of solitude, and a two day fast! Priority will be given to upperclassmen, but it’s never too early to learn the disciplines and delights of walking with God! Email [email protected] if you are interested!


One of the most transformative practices is journaling. It is deeply encouraging to have a lens where we can see God move in our life. When we put our life on the page, our thoughts, wants, hopes, and dreams are reflected back to us. We are able to see the places where God is growing us, where He’s encouraging us, where our relationships are going right or wrong.

We have created a series of journals, specifically for leaders, to help you reflect deeply and pray intentionally. Come by the Lewis House and talk to the Discipleship Team! They are $3 each! Venmo: @CSFOffering.


Social media is an amazing opportunity that we have to reach and witness to campus both about the events that we are having at CSF and the stories of amazing things God is doing here. CSF wants to empower you to consciously use your social media accounts for Kingdom work. Be wise about what you are posting. You represent CSF on campus, and more importantly you represent Jesus to your social media followers.

Make sure you are following all of our social media accounts and sharing our posts and events so that your friends can see them! You have a much bigger reach and impact through your personal accounts than CSF’s accounts have alone. And feel free to create your own stories and posts that share about CSF and what God is doing here and in your life!

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