This semester’s vision is to imagine what the early writers of the New Testament would have said to our community at CSF if they were writing to us. You may hear funny names like “Paul in the Fall” because we want to imagine what Paul would say to us if he visited CSF on one of his missionary journeys. So as we crack open the passages each week, we want to read with two lenses: How was this intended for the community it was written to? And what does it mean for our community today?


The New Testament writers were focused on the goal of building robust Jesus communities whose life together was a form of evangelism. When people from the surrounding culture saw the life of these communities they had to wonder, ‘Who are these people? Where does their peace, their generosity, their unity come from?’ So this fall we want to grow together as a robust Jesus community at UK.


For the format, we’ve given you 12 passages of curriculum to choose from, but you’ll only have 10 weeks of curriculum discussion in group. It’s kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure, except you’ll want to choose from the weeks that already have a podcast posted. So really you’ll have about 4 passages to choose from each week.



This semester’s vision is getting our students to live life with God. It’s easy around CSF to be about God, packing our weeks full of events and hangouts. And that’s great! But sometimes that can be a substitute for living life with God. We can’t have that. Only life with God provides lasting faith, peace, and happiness.


We’ve picked a semester’s worth of Scripture passages that show what life with God is like. We’ve also selected these passages because there’s a depth to them, something which worms its way into our hearts and imaginations, something that connects with readers in a special way and shows the richness of Scripture. Plumb the depths of these passages. Make a space where the disciples in your group can fall in love with the deep riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God. In sum: 1. Help disciples learn to live life with God, not just about God; 2. Help them fall in love with Scripture and the voice of God. All of the resources we give you are for these twin purposes.

Christian Student Fellowship