Christians are often known what they are against. We want to be known what we’re for. When we say we are pro-life, we mean something beyond a particular political agenda. Jesus said that he is true life, and we want to spread that life to as many people as possible.

We don’t think being “pro-woman” and “pro-baby” have to be at odds. If you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy and don’t know what to do, let us know. We offer financial assistance for women in many cases, and we would love to help you out. If you contact us, know that you can do so with our complete assurance of anonymity. No one will know but just a few staff members here. We’ll also add you to a list (without using your name or identifiable features) of people we are praying for.

If you’re in this situation and are interested in this, email [email protected] and let us know how we can help.

Not pregnant, but interested in helping creature a culture of life? Check out some of these great resources.

Assurance is a crisis pregnancy center in Lexington that assists mothers (and fathers) in unexpected pregnancies. There are counseling and medical resources that are there to support. They are always looking for volunteers, so if you’re interested head on over to their website.

The Human Coalition is an online resource that assists ministries and churches as they begin to deal with the issue of abortion. They have some fantastic resources available.

If you’re unsure what you think about the whole abortion thing, Peter Kreeft has a fantastic book that gives an honest, intellectual look at the issue of abortion. It’s a short, easy read, and it’s written in the form of a dialogue. We highly recommend this book.

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