A few weeks ago CSF gave out $1,000 to challenge students to share Jesus’ love in creative ways. You can check out a few of those great stories below! Check back soon as we continue to update this page with more photos, videos and stories.

We’ve wanted to get involved in reaching our sorority sisters for a while. Being in a sorority gives us an opportunity to reach girls that other people have trouble reaching. When we heard the Madness that Matters challenge, we wanted to get money to help us for a retreat. We were able to take 60 of our sorority sisters on a weekend retreat. 60!!! We got to hang out and talk about Jesus! It was so cool to see God working in the Greek community!Gabriella
After a combined 12 years of school between me and my two friends we realized this—Dead week isn’t really a dead week. So our “madness” idea is to just do something fun and relaxing so students can take a break from the chaos. Here’s our plan. We’re grabbing some frisbees (and throwing them) and handing out Ale-8’s on the Wednesday of dead week.Katelynn, Stephanie & Ellie
Our core group decided to use our Madness that Matters money to hand out candy and encouragements to stressed students during finals. It hasn’t happened yet, but we’re looking foward to seeing how we can serve campus.Hilah, Katie & Emily
I’m a freshmen, so my friends and I are usually at Ovid’s. That’s where we met Tammy, a super sweet grandma-lady (she really is a grandma, 6 kids and 2 grandkids) who helps serve meals. We figured since she’s always serving others, maybe she’d liked to be served for once. Se we took her out to eat at her favorite restaurant—Cheddars. When I asked her to dinner she cried and gave me a big hug. We bought her meal another to take home to her husband George. She said we were the first group to ever do anything nice for her in her 15 years of working at UK dining! When my friends and I left Cheddars we agreed that we felt like even though we were the ones that extended a hand, we ended up learning far more from her. It was a treat to be with Tammy. Abby, Kiersten & Allie
I used my Madness that Matters money to get coffee with a Muslim girl from my Quran class and we learned a lot about each other’s faith backgrounds. Spending this time being open about our beliefs really built a bridge of connection rather than division! This experience has encouraged me to branch out and invite more girls from other faiths to dinner. Sarah
Good conversations happen over coffee. So to create some madness that matters I just rounded up soem friends to get coffee. I got to hear more about my friends’ stories—including their spiritual journeys—and one friend in particular wants to come around CSF to see what it’s all about.Adam
After I met Kelly, just a little boy fighting such a big fight against cancer, I knew I wanted to help. Starting a Dollar Club within my sorority seemed like a perfect way to invite my sorority sisters into being a blessing for others. And, thanks to their getting on board with this mission and CSF’s Madness that Matters contribution, we were able to raise $726 for Kelly and his family. Since then, I’ve had other Greek organizations tell me they wanted to get involved with this new Dollar Club. One of my sisters even told me that she’d been trying to follow Jesus more fully lately and that being part of this mission gave her the little push and encouragement she needed to get baptized—which I’m so excited for! It’s been incredible to see God work through this small mission and it isn’t stopping anytime soon!Sarah Beth
I wanted to connect on a deeper level with some friends from my Diatetics classes. I knew they’d be in Lexington over Easter weekend, so I invited them to have an Easter meal with me. So four of us went to church together on Easter Sunday and then I was able to buy their meal at Shakespear & Co. with money from Madness that Matters. Of course, there was lots of small talk. But we also had great conversations about how to practically follow Jesus and the importance of Christian relationships. We even talked about how to begin reading the Bible on your own. It was just the best, and I’m so thankful for CSF’s encouragement and financial support equipping me to love them and point them towards Jesus.Anna
I don’t necessarily have any big, “cool” stories. But I’ve just got to have great, more intentional conversations with friends I was already hanging out with. I found out that there are actually a lot of people I know who are believers but, for whatever reason, just don’t really talk about God. So maybe this is my opportunity to be the one to start those conversations.Shermaine
I put my madness that matters money towards grabbing some pizzas and getting my friends together to a chill night to talk about life.Olivia
I used my Madness that Matters money to send little care packages to some friends who are going through a really rough time. They really appreciated it, and I think it was a really simple, practical way to love people like Jesus would.Lauren
I ended up using the Madness that Matters money to feed some needy people down by the library. It was really awesome!Alex
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