Hi CSF friends, we’re so excited about our new parking lot (and we’re sure you are too)! But with great parking spaces comes great responsibility, so we need to lay down some ground rules to ensure that our lot is well used and cared for. So if you want your car to remain un-towed, here’s what you need to know:

All cars in the lot MUST display a CSF parking sticker! Cars WITHOUT a CSF parking sticker will be towed. You can get a CSF parking sticker for your car (for free!) by talking to a CSF staff member.

The lot is only to be used when you’re AT THE CSF BUILDING. That means things like 3 o’clock prayer, interning, Synergy, Shift, etc.

You ARE allowed to park in the lot for CSF Kickoff Week during the daytime and evening. Just make sure not to park in the areas blocked off for construction.

The lot is NOT for any other campus use (school, class, library, etc.). If you park in the lot for non-CSF use, that’s a spot that’s NOT available for someone trying to go to CSF. As we get the lot up and running, we’ll be keeping track of which cars are in the lot when to make sure nobody is abusing this policy.

No overnight parking (even for retreats)

Certain parts of the lot will occasionally be blocked off for construction. Don’t park there. (Duh)

Certain days will be off-limits for parking (Football parking, special events, construction days, etc.)

If you break these rules, we will tow you or revoke your sticker.

If you have a question about parking, whether you can park at a certain time, you can ask a staff member.

Christian Student Fellowship