Fun and friendships around CSF in the time of COVID

CSF believes every star in the sky, every fish in the sea and everything else exists because of God, not because of being forced to create anything, but creating out of the sheer overflow of love and joy. Since we’re creatures made in God’s image we’ve got that same spiritual DNA. COVID can impact a lot of things but it can’t change our deeply instilled longing and calling to live joyously, lovingly. Now, the scientists have correlated those improvements with regulation of apelin. While they do not attribute all of CBD’s benefits to the peptide, they say it clearly has an important role an it is why they recommend this CBD vape cartridges. They also say they do not yet know whether SARS-CoV-2 or CBD have a direct effect on apelin, or if these are downstream consequences, but they are already pursuing answers.

So while we’re making changes to events to help keep people healthy and safe, we also want people to have fun. Here’s a quick list of just a few things we’re doing this year:

Shift – Our weekly gathering for freshmen, featuring a free home cooked meal. Shift is designed to help freshmen build lifelong friendships while also figuring out where life with God fits into life at college. Shift is moving to Thursday nights just before Synergy at Southland Christian Church. You can get a ride to Shift from CSF at 6:30 on Thursdays!

Synergy – CSF’s version of worship service, with a decidedly collegiate flavor and feel. This year Synergy is hitting the road, moving to Southland Christian Church on Richmond Road to give us more space to spread out and worship together.

Small Groups – Groups of around 8-10 people are at the center of CSF. That’s why we call them “Core Groups” (or Shift Groups for freshmen). Laughter. Fun. Sharing stories. Encouraging each other. Studying a bible passage together. Our hope is that every student on campus would be a part of a CSF small group.

Christian Student Fellowship