Worshipping Well

(Audio) Francis Schaeffer – “Intellect and Faith”
(Audio) Julie Canlis – “Downloading Our Spirituality”
(Video) N. T. Wright – Death, Resurrection, and the Afterlife
(Video) N. T. Wright – What is the Gospel?
(Video) Scot McKnight – What is the Gospel?


Engaging Culture Well

(Video) Jessica Rey – The Evolution of the Swimsuit
(Interview) Robert C. Roberts – “A Still More Excellent Way”
(Audio) Fred Craddock – “When the Roll is Called Down Here” Sermon
(Video) Jon Tyson – “The Controversial Jesus – Jesus and Politics”
(Video) Tim Keller – “Arguing About Politics”
(Video) Jackie Hill Perry – “Equipping the Next Generation to Embrace Gospel Diversity”
(Audio) Fred Craddock – “Can I Be Included?” Sermon
(Audio) David Bentley Hart – On the New Atheists
(Video) Richard Gaines and Jon Weece – Race: A Thoughtful Conversation
(Video) Rod Dreher (and others) – Time for the Benedict Option?
(Audio) Julie Canlis – “Christianity and the Authenticity Hoax”
(Podcast) This Cultural Moment Podcast
(Audio) Rikk Watts – Christian Faith in the Ancient World
(Podcast) Lance Ralston – Communio Sanctorum Podcast – The Change Series (10 parts)
(Audio) Christopher A. Hall – “Entertainment in the Ancient World”
(Audio) Allan Edwards – Interview for NPR


Loving People Well

(Audio) Andy Stanley – “It’s Not About Baseball”
(Videos) Jon Tyson – “The Controversial Jesus” Sermon Series


Living Life Well

(Video) Matt and Julie Canlis – Godspeed Documentary
(Video) Nicolas Carr – “The Shallows”
(Audio) Andy Crouch – “How to Not Look at Your Phone Too Much”
(Audio) Andy Serkis – “The Screwtape Letters” Audio Production

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